12bet Terms and Conditions

12Bet is a company that runs an online sportsbook and gaming website under its brand name. The Company engages in entertainment, remote gambling, and is licensed and regulated by Philippine laws and regulations to conduct remote betting and gaming operations.

General terms and conditions

All user actions on the 12bet website are regulated by certain terms and conditions that must be followed.

Terms and conditions applicability

1.1 It is considered that the client agrees to the terms after he clicks the “Agree” button during registration. The client also agrees to the terms if he logs into his account or places bets on the site.

After accepting these terms, the user is bound by the Company’s terms and privacy Policy.

1.2 The Company has the right to make changes to its policy and privacy policy at any time without prior notice to customers. The company also makes sure that customers are informed about this by notifying them on the website.

1.3 Customers are advised to check the terms and conditions every time they visit the official website, as the customer is responsible for this. This can be done by clicking on the “Terms and Conditions” and “Rules and Regulations” links in the user menu.

1.4 The Terms and Conditions are written in English. In case of translation into any other language, the English version will have force over any variant.

Customer Representations

2.1 After accepting the terms and conditions, the client confirms that he is over 21 years old and assumes responsibility for compliance with the rules. The Company has the right to cancel any transactions made by minors.

2.2 If a client wishes to place a bet in the company, then he must understand that there may be any laws prohibiting online betting or games in his country.

The Client declares that he will not access the website or register if he is a citizen of a state that prohibits gambling.

2.3 The Client further guarantees the Company that:

The Client is responsible for compliance with national laws before registering with the Company or placing bets. The client should make sure that placing bets does not contradict any laws. The Company is not responsible for the client’s violation of any laws.

2.4 In any case, legal entities residing or registered within Prohibited Jurisdictions cannot use the services and products offered by the company at any time.

The client guarantees the company that he will not place any bets in any of the prohibited jurisdictions.

2.5 The Client agrees that he uses the website at his own risk. Also, the client must understand that he can lose money by betting. The User assumes full responsibility for his actions and any losses.

2.6 The Client declares and guarantees to the company that he will not represent himself to the company as an agent without the company’s prior written statement to this effect. Moreover, the client will not sell or advertise the company’s services without the written consent of the company.

2.7 The Client undertakes that he will not attempt to hack the site or make any malicious changes.

So the client will not:

  • redesign any software;
  • copy, modify, distribute any part of the website;
  • disclose account information to third parties;
  • violate any of the provisions;
  • deceive the company in any way.

If the company suspects that the client does not comply with these provisions, the company has the right to stop the actions of his account. The company also has the right to confiscate any amounts on the client’s account.

2.8 The Client undertakes to inform the company about any error in payments and about any error in the information about the client’s account. This is necessary so that the company can fix the error.

2.9 The Client undertakes not to allow third parties to use his account or accept winnings on his behalf.

2.10 The Client will immediately report his winnings to the relevant authorities if the client resides in a country where such winnings are subject to taxation. The Company is not responsible for the client’s non-compliance with this rule.

2.11 The Client agrees to compensate for losses and protect the company and its employees from any claims, expenses and expenses arising as a result of violation of the rules.

2.12 The Client agrees to the terms and conditions of the newsletter and receiving notifications about updates. If the client wishes to unsubscribe from the mailing list, he has the opportunity to contact the support service for assistance.

Account and personal information

3.1 The Client has the right to make deposits using only those payment methods that are approved on the website.

3.2 To gain access to the company’s services, the client must first register on the website and open an account.

3.3 The Client is responsible for providing personal data during registration, as well as for updating this data, including address, phone number and bank details. The Client undertakes to provide the correct information. 

The Company has the right to verify the user’s personal information. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject the Client for any reason.

3.4 The Client has the right to open only one account.

The Client agrees that the Company should use any method to determine whether two or more accounts belong to the same Client.

3.5 After registration, the client will be provided with a password and a unique username. The Client is responsible for ensuring that account access information remains confidential. If a customer is concerned about the security of his account, he should immediately inform the company about this to solve the problem. The company will provide the client with new information for access.

3.6 The Client must immediately inform the company if his account is being used by third parties for other purposes. The actions of such an account will be stopped.

3.7 The Company has the right from time to time to request a change of the account password. The Company may terminate the account if it suspects that there may be violations of any rules. The Company may change the information about the client’s account after prior notice and at its own discretion.

3.8 The company may conduct random security checks.

3.9 The client undertakes to check the balance of his account whenever he enters the site. The client should immediately inform the company if any discrepancies have been noticed. In the event that the client does not do this, the company does not bear any responsibility.

3.10 The Company has the right to suspend the Client’s account with the Company and return or withhold the balance of funds on the specified account at the reasonable discretion of the Company without further explanation to the Client.

3.11 The Client has the opportunity to withdraw money from his account, provided that his balance has been confirmed by the Company, and following the published Recommendations for Withdrawing funds, if any, available on the website.

3.12 The Client has the right to cancel his account at any time, having previously notified the company of his intention to do so.

3.13 The Client undertakes to actively maintain his account. The client must visit the site at least once and use the services within 12 months. If the client’s account is inactive for a year, the company has the right to close it.

3.14 The Client’s Account may be terminated by the company at any time in case of violation of any rules or conditions.

Terms of bet Acceptance

4.1 Only bets placed by registered users on the official site are accepted.

4.2 After placing a bet, the client receives a notification. 

4.3 If the bet is not transferred in full, it will be considered invalid.

4.4 Customers do not have the right to cancel their bets after placing them. If the client wants to cancel the bet before it was placed, then he should check his list of bets. If any problems arise, you should immediately inform the company.

4.5 All electronic transactions will be recorded by the company in the interests of customers and the company itself. The Client and the company agree that the records will be evidence in case of disputes.

4.6 The Company has the right to stop the client’s bets at any time at its own request and without prior notice to the client.

4.7 The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, to close the client’s account if there is reason to believe that further use of it will lead to any losses.

4.8 The Company is not responsible for equipment failures.

4.9 The Company is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of equipment failures or due to improper use of the website.

4.10 Bets that a customer makes using a debit or credit card are not considered valid until the company receives payment in full.

4.11 To place bets, the client’s card balance must exceed the amount of the bet.

4.12 The Company has the right to change the prices or the betting coefficient at its discretion at any time.

4.13 A Client’s maximum bet amount on a particular market or event may vary depending on the type of bet, and the amount may be changed without prior notice at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.

 The company conduct and limitation of liability

5.1 Winnings or losses will be reflected in the client’s account after the final result is confirmed.

5.2 In case of any error in crediting or debiting money from the account, the Client should immediately inform the company about it. In the event that any mistakenly credited funds have been withdrawn by the Client, the Client agrees to reimburse the Company for those amounts.

Use of the website

6.1 The Company has the opportunity to restrict the client’s actions in using the website if there is a suspicion that there is any fraudulent activity. If customers violate any laws or rules of use of the site, their funds may be confiscated.

General and specific event rules

7.1 The company grants the client the right to use the software for playing at an online casino.

7.2 The client is not allowed to:

  • upload the software to a server or other network device;
  • copy and distribute copies of the software;
  • interfere with the website and online casino attempts to make any changes

7.3    The client is not the owner of the software. The Company does not guarantee that the software will meet the client’s requirements.

7.4 The Company does not guarantee that the software will not infringe copyrights. The company also does not guarantee that the software will work without interruptions.

7.5 The Company does not control how the client uses the software, and is not responsible for any losses.

7.6 The Client undertakes to read the license agreement and use the software only in accordance with its terms.

7.7 In case of any disagreement regarding payments or rates, the company’s decision will have the greatest force.