12Bet Basketball Betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the whole world, especially in India. It is a favorite American sport, but it is starting to become a part of people’s lives in other countries. In India punters often choose basketball as a sport for betting, significantly often they do it on the 12Bet platform.

What Is Basketball?

Basketball is a very famous kind of team sport, where in a match, take part two teams of five players. The sense of the game is to throw the ball into the ring as many times as possible and get points for that. The team that has more points for getting into the ring will be the winner. 

Basketball was invented in 1891 by Jim Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts (USA). And now this sport is the most popular among Americans, but it is becoming more and more popular in other countries.

Basketball Betting Lines

Basketball betting lines

On 12Bet Basketball you have a huge choice of different lines, offers, and markets. For instance, you can bet here on such famous leagues as:

  • Spanish ACB;
  • British Basketball League;
  • Euroleague;
  • Bahrain Premier League;
  • Etc.

But you can also find there less popular ones, for instance: 

  • Israel Women’s League;
  • Guatemala’s LLM;
  • Lithuania’s LKL;
  • And many others.

Basketball Odds

Basketball betting is very loved among Indian Bettors, so 12Bet tries to often for them the highest odds on the market. On the platform, the odds reach 35! You can find the best conditions on more than 35 markets!

Basketball Betting Tips

Because many people want to try basketball betting, we would like to introduce to you some tips about this kind of betting. This is not so easy and safe, so take a look at the following tips: 

Choose a truthful bookmakerToday, the amount of bookies is growing every day. But remember, that not every bookie is reliable and safe. It happens sometimes, that you cannot withdraw your money, or your data is not securely protected and you can just lose your money. So be careful and select only safe and legal bookmakers – one of such ones is 12Bet
Do not exceed your limitRemember, that you will win not always. The most important thing is not to bet more than you decided. Do not bet on the last money!
Do not play parlays, especially single-game parlaysThey are very difficult to win. So if you really want to try parlays, look for risk-free promotions. It can save you from big losses. 

12Bet Basketball Betting App

12bet basketball betting app

If you really value your time and do not want to miss chances to make real money, the 12Bet basketball mobile betting app is a great option for you! 12Bet developed its mobile application that is available both for iOS and Android devices. The requirements of the app are very slow so everyone can install it. 

How To Download The 12Bet Basketball Betting App on Android

If you are an Android owner and your smartphone has version 5.0 and higher, you can download the 12Bet mobile application and place your bets on basketball everywhere you want! You can do it at work, in a restaurant, on a walk, etc. 

The only thing that you need is an Internet connection. You cannot download the app from Google Play, but it is possible to do from the developer’s official website. The process of downloading is very simple. You can see it below: 

  1. Open the 12Bet official website through your phone;
  2. Press on the button “Android download”;
  3. Go to your phone’s settings and allow the installation from unknown sources;
  4. Install the application;
  5. Enjoy your basketball betting with 12Bet!

How To Download The 12Bet Basketball Betting App On iOS

iOS users can also try the 12Bet mobile app and see all its benefits! You also cannot download the app from App Store but you can do it on the 12Bet page! The only requirement is your phone must have an iOS version of at least 10.3. 

Take a look at how to download the app on iOS:

  1. Go to the 12Bet website through your phone;
  2. Press the “iOS download” button;
  3. Install the application.

Congratulations! The 12Bet app is successfully installed on your phone!

How to Place a Bet on Basketball in 12bet

The process of placing bets on Basketball on 12Bet is very simple! You can see it below:


Open the developer’s page and log in to your 12Bet profile;


Select a sports section;


Click on Basketball;


Choose the league or tournament on that you want to bet;


Press on the preferable match;


Choose an outcome and odds;


Write the sum you want to deposit for your bet.

Remember, that to place a bet you need to have funds in your account!

Tips on How to Place Better Bets on Basketball

If you want to make your bets more profitable and learn some new information about basketball betting, read our tips! 

  • Bet early: usually the best results have people who place bets earlier – for instance, in the morning, when the market just opens.
  • Learn more about teams and players: it is very important to know as much as possible about different teams to make the right choice.
  • Live Betting: this form of betting is becoming more and more popular because it often allows making real money on betting. 
  • Follow research made by experts: if you read articles, and research about matches that are written by other people, you can take a glance at them from another side.

Why To Bet in Basketball on 12Bet

We are sure that 12Bet is the best place for basketball betting. Here you can see the advantages of betting on basketball via 12Bet:

  1. Legal Bookmaker: you can be sure that all your actions are legal in India and you will not have any bad consequences.
  2. Safety and security: 12Bet is a licensed platform so all your data is securely protected.
  3. Great-developed mobile application: 12Bet makes your betting more comfortable and offers a mobile app for you. This app is available both for iOS and Android operation systems.
  4. User-friendly interface: all users of the 12Bet website and app can easily understand how it works. It is very simple, convenient, and stylish. 
  5. High odds: it is very profitable to bet on 12Bet because the platform offers the highest odds on the market.
  6. Efficient support team: if you have any problems, just contact 12Bet technical support and the workers will help you. 
  7. Live Betting: 12Bet allows you to bet on your favorite sport in real time, and it makes your betting more convenient.

12bet Support

People are very often afraid of starting betting because they think that they may not understand how a bookmaker works. But if you are a 12Bet bettor, do not worry about anything! 12 Bet provides all its players with a great support team that is available 7 days a week anytime. 

All workers are very friendly and helpful, so each of your problems will be solved by them. Do not hesitate to contact the 12Bet Customer Support Team and ask all your questions! 

You can contact them in a large number of languages such as:

  • Hindi;
  • Tamil;
  • Marathi;
  • Kannada;
  • English;
  • Telugu; 
  • Malayalam. 

Contact with the support team is available in two ways:

  1. By live chat;
  2. By the “contact us” section.


Where Can I Download The 12Bet Mobile App?

You can download it from the 12Bet official website.

Is It Worth Placing Bets On Basketball On 12Bet?

Yes! 12Bet offers the best conditions and the highest odds for Basketball betting on the market.

Is 12Bet Basketball Betting legal in India?

Yes, it is. You can place bets on your favorite sport on 12Bet absolutely legally.

How Can I Contact 12Bet Technical Support?

You can contact them via live chat and in the “contact us” section.